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Financial Wellness SaaS
for Banks and Credit Unions

We offer a Software-as-a-Service to banks and credit unions that automates earned wage access and small dollar loans to employees of select employers.

Thanks to Fincluziv, banks and credit unions can acquire new clients at low cost, increase paycheck deposits and revenues and at the same time contribute to the financial wellness of workers in their communities.

More and more US employers partner with payroll advance providers to offer their employees earned wage access.

These solutions are in very high demand but remain incomplete:

They are expensive: high 3 digit APR

They are repaid in full from paycheck

Employees don't build credit score

Thanks to Fincluziv, banks and credit unions can offer more complete, affordable and sustainable financial wellness solutions to employees as they have:

Much cheaper and abundant funding

Diversified product offering as they are regulated

Relationships with employers

Our white-label SaaS for banks and credit unions fully automates earned wage access and small dollar loans to employees of select employers.

Through API, we connect with employers’ HR and payroll software and with banks’ payment systems to fully automate:

Employees' onboarding, employment verification & direct deposit sign-up

Mobile access by employees to on-demand pay & small dollar loans

Underwriting & payments related to earned wage access & small dollar loans

Repayments through payroll deduction

78% of the US population lives paycheck to paycheck and more and more US employers are concerned about their financial stress and willing to facilitate on-demand pay for their employees.

Fincluziv makes on-demand pay and employer-sponsored small dollar loans an attractive business for banks and credit unions with the following benefits:

Low cost customer acquisition

Stable flow of salary deposits

Low risk financing revenue

Credit/debit card interchange fees

Cross-sell with employees and employers

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