Short-term lending simplified, automated and digitized

We offer a Software-as-a-Service to banks
so they can arrange salary & invoice advances
to employees and suppliers of their corporate clients
at reduced costs and risks.


SaaS for banks automating the entire lending process

Collaborative / corporate-centric business model

Employees & suppliers of banks' corporate clients can obtain salary & invoice advances online in one click

Funded by banks, possibly distributed to other investors

Key Functionnalities

Onboarding (incl. KYC) of employees & suppliers

Employees & suppliers request advances online

Distribution of advances to investors

Generation of payment

Benefits for Banks

Revenue generation
and client acquisition tool

Cost reduction
across the entire lending process

Risk mitigation
through business model, technology, diversification and risk distribution

Easy implementation,
no integration with core banking system

Benefits for Employers

Possibility to generate revenues/cost savings

Plug & Play solution
no change in business processes

Contribution to the financial health
of their employees and suppliers

Benefits for Employees & Suppliers

Online access to advances in one click

CX improvement through digitization

Socially responsible financing conditions

Our team combines banking and technical skills.

Merouan Hakem photo

Merouan is an experienced IT project manager with more than 10 years background in the finance industry, having worked for AXA and BPCE.



CTO photo

Аltan is an IT engineer with more than 10 years experience and has worked on the development of complex software solutions in the automotive, aeronautics and defense industries.




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